Yayasan Emmanuel has helped over 5,000 children and individuals each month through 7 programmes focusing on education, homes, and community services.

Job Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies

Yayasan Emmanuel is driven by a cohesive team of people who share a compassion and commitment to provide support, nurture, education and healthcare access to less fortunate communities in Indonesia. We believe that every person and child should have access to these life amenities, and by working with local organizations and partnerships, our local presence has touched the lives of thousands of individuals.

We continue to strive to make a lasting difference to the socially disadvantaged, to benefit the public, relieve poverty and improve their living conditions.

As a registered organization, we pursue the highest standards of personal and business ethics, and have great faith in what we do and the people we serve.

We are looking for enthusiastic, dynamic, motivated individuals who have a passion in social welfare and are interested in joining our team.

Please view our current openings or contact us at email : hr@yayasan-emmanuel.org


  • Administration
  • Human Capital : Capability Development, Knowledge and Learning, Government Relations, Legal Compliance
  • Corporate and Foundation Relations : Communications, Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Program Services and Program Development: Program Planning, Implementation, Management and Analysis



The greatest benefit we offer is the honor and pleasure to help and serve those less fortunate. Knowing that, day-to-day, you are making a difference and an impact in the lives of disadvantaged children and people provides intense satisfaction.

It's the insight gained from a wide range of interactions and relations with people, from children and slum-dwellers, to families, school teachers, principals, hotel personnel, managers, multi-national corporations and embassies, governments, international schools, national and international volunteers.

It's also the chance for an individual to collaborate with a team to create and develop ideas that can be tried and tested and then implemented; ideas that can become programs and projects that help many people.