Yayasan Emmanuel has helped over 5,000 children and individuals each month through 7 programmes focusing on education, homes, and community services.

Statement of Values

The Foundation’s Core Values are:



We provide support, nurture, education and healthcare access to less fortunate communities in Indonesia.

Commitment to the Disadvantaged


We strive to make a lasting difference to the socially disadvantaged, to benefit the public, relieve poverty and improve their living conditions.



We pursue the highest standards of personal and business ethics.



We are enthusiastic, dynamic, motivated individuals who have a passion for social welfare.



We work always to better the lives of those who work for us and of those we help.


The Foundation’s main objectives are:

  • To sustain present social services and core programs.
  • To leverage support in improving operational excellence, good governance and cost efficiency.
  • To help raise the profile and obtain funding needed to help more children and communities.
  • To develop a sustainable and diversified base of donors to secure financial independence.