Yayasan Emmanuel has helped over 5,000 children and individuals each month through 7 programmes focusing on education, homes, and community services.


Established in December 2000, Emmanuel Foundation has evolved from an orphanage home in Bogor into an organization providing services to children and communities in 3 provinces on the island of Java, Indonesia:

  • FRP participating four and five star hotels total 12;
  • OP’s NEP collaborates with a total of 10 primary schools to provide nutritional support; WP spins off into a separate and independent organization solely focusing on water and sanitation, Homes and Community Services consolidated into one division;
  • OP’s Young Entrepreneurs Program created in collaboration with PMG to help potential entrepreneurs graduating from high school;
  • the Innovative Schools Program sponsored by UBS and established in collaboration with international schools to improve the quality of education and teaching at 2 pilot schools;
  • OP alumni total 700 graduates.
  • Completion of the Sentul Home, Learning Center, and office facilities;
  • MLP works with 10 schools and communities providing 1,800 books to 4,500 children and their mothers;
  • MLP’s Book Bound provides a micro mobile library system through books in backpacks for 3 remote schools and their surrounding communities;
  • OP’s Nestlé Nutrition Education Program (NEP) is created to provide nutrition and nutrition education to disadvantaged primary schools.
  • Establishment of Mobile Library Programme (MLP) for the Bogor and Greater Bogor Area providing 1,300 books to schools and communities;
  • HSP temporarily on hold as licenses are updated to meet new regulations;
  • CSD provides relief aid to 10 communities affected by severe Jakarta floods;
  • Yogyakarta and Central Java earthquake recovery work completed with 111 houses rebuilt and renovated;
  • OP collaborates with 500 schools and scholarship recipients total 2,000.
  • FRP participating hotels total 11;
  • Yogyakarta and Central Java earthquake relief and recovery work with over 16 tons of primary needs provided to victims;
  • OP serves Tegal - OP scholarship recipients total 1,789.
  • Consolidation of the 6 programmes into 3 divisions: Homes, Education and Community Services;
  • strengthening of the Foundation and its constituents. CSD focuses on 6 communities;
  • OP scholarship recipients total 1,472.
  • Establishment of Water Programme (WP) in Jakarta;
  • HSP and FRP first quarterly “Baksos” initiative - 12 communities are served; OP scholarship recipients total 620.
  • Establishment of Health Services Programme (HSP) and of Food Rescue Programme (FRP) in Jakarta for 2 communities;
  • first graduates from PAI pursue further education and careers;
  • OP serves Bandung and Sukabumi areas – OP scholarship recipients total 450.
  • Establishment of Nicolas Orphanage Home (PAN) - 10 infants are housed;
  • OP serves DKI Jakarta area, first annual Outreach gathering - OP scholarship recipients total 100.
  • Establishment of Educational Outreach Programme (OP) in Bogor and Greater Bogor Area for 7 scholarship recipients.
  • Emmanuel Foundation founded, establishment of Immanuel Orphanage Home (PAI) - initially 10 children are housed.